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The Skeat team is pro-active, it’s a pleisure to collaborate with a team where information flows smoothly, they are a force of proposal on our development projects and show a great reactivity to our emergencies.

75% of customer orders go through Skeat and we have observed an average basket increase of 25% on a digital order compared to a classic order

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The Skeat expertise

For several years, Skeat has been supporting its Food Courts clients around 4 key issues

Remove waiting lines

Provide a seamless experience where your customers no longer need to wait in line. They only need to wait at their table before being notified to pick up their order

Maximise the average basket

Offer your customers a smart and frictionless ordering experience. By offering them the right product at the right time, they spend in average 23% more

Boost re-ordering

A second beer? A coffee? A dessert? Less than 10% of your customers reorder during their visit. With Skeat, it's over 38%

Build customer loyalty

What do your customers do when they have a magical and seamless experience? They come back. With Skeat, customer retention is on average twice as high


Skeat gives you the tools to achieve your goals

Over 430 digital ordering and payment features that will allow you to offer an experience that meets the expectations of your customers and teams

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Multi-basket ordering

Allow your customers to take full advantage of your food court concept by allowing them to order simultaneously from several stands

Multi-stand ordering

Your customers can access all the stands in 1 click and filter the display according to their preferences. They select the products of their choice on different stands and order in 1 click

Split payments

Your customers make a single transaction for products from several stands. Skeat takes care of dividing the bank flows between the different companies (restaurants)

Order merging

Avoid multiplying orders on the kitchen display or printers. Skeat automatically merges all orders from the same group of people

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Order tracking

Provide your customers with clear information about the status of their orders and smoothen your operations

Segmented order tracking

Your customers track the status of their order per stall, not the entire order. Their beer will be cold and their burger will be hot


Customize the notifications and text messages your customers receive according to their orders' status, and turn them into a marketing tool (links, upsells, re-ordering, coupons...)


Your customers have access to a dynamic map of the location to simplify the retrieval of their orders from different stalls

Upsells and combos

Your POS is only a working base. By synchronizing it with Skeat, your potential revenue is highly increased

Chargeable Add-ons

Encourage your clients to select payable options on your desired products (extra bacon +2€, pepper sauce +1€)

Intelligent product matching

Skeat identifies your clients' purchasing basket and suggests automatically an additional purchase with high probability (dessert, drink, snack, ...)

Combos (multi-stall)

showcase your special combos and menus, and enable your customers to benefit from them automatically on Skeat

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Discounts and loyalty

When customers use your Skeat web app, they are using their own smartphone. This opens up a huge number of opportunities.

Discount engine

Automate data-driven discount scenarios and always offer the right product at the right price to your customers

Coupons and Vouchers

Automate the creation of coupons for your customers and define when they apply

Loyalty program

Connect your loyalty program to Skeat and allow your loyal customers to enjoy their benefits directly on the web app

Customer database and CRM

Collect customer data in full compliance to boost your marketing campaigns and understand your customers better

And much more...
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Your teams will love having control

Manage, monitor and enrich your customer journey from a powerful and intuitive web interface

Service management

In real time and adapted to multi-site

Financial management of transactions

Keep control of your financial flows safely

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Real-time content management

Create, edit and send messages and other content in 1 click from your dashboard

Analytics & user data

Enrich your customer knowledge and increase your performance tenfold

Do you manage a group of more than 10 locations ?

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