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Décuplez la rentabilité de votre point de vente dès le premier jour en proposant une expérience de commande décomplexée à vos clients et une gestion opérationnelle simplifiée à vos équipes.

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They talk about it better than we do

Skeat is the WebApp that we use within Brique House to digitize our customer journey.

L'approche du client, la façon dont on les accueille ou on prend la commande a complètement changé. Skeat a eu aussi un véritable impact sur le chiffre d'affaires, puisque plus le client est satisfait et plus nos équipes opérationnelles sont productives, plus cela se ressent.

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Pierre-Adrien BODIN
Site Director - Brique House Taproom

Skeat expertise

For several years, Skeat has been supporting hoteliers around the world around 4 major challenges

Boost re-ordering

A second beer? A shot tour? Dessert? Fewer than 10% of your customers' customers re-order during their visit. With Skeat, it's over 38%

Control peak traffic

By digitizing order taking and payment, you increase the productivity of your teams tenfold during rush phases.

Optimize your human resources

Reduce your dependence on staff by automating collections and order taking. Do more with less

Reduce bar waiting

Offer a seamless experience in which your customers no longer queue but wait quietly at the table before picking up their order or being served


Skeat gives you the tools to reach your goals

More than 430 functionalities dedicated to ordering and digital payment that will allow you to offer an experience that meets the expectations of your customers and your teams

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Order at the table

Receive orders that have already been paid for directly at your production stations and serve your customers at the table.

Customer location

When you receive a Skeat order, the table number is sent to your POS so that you can easily locate and serve your customers.

Dynamic catalogs

Your menus are updated automatically during the day. Prioritize coffee in the morning, beers after work and cocktails in the evening.

Order grouping

Avoid making lots of good food. Skeat automatically groups all orders from the same group of people

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Counter pickup

Eliminate the wait at the bar. Simply prepare your customers' already paid orders and notify them automatically when their order is ready to be picked up at the counter

Customer identification

Your customers monitor the preparation status of their order per stand and not of the overall order. Their beer will be very cold and their burger will be hot.

Flow management

Set the maximum number of orders you are able to produce per slot


Personalize the notifications and sms that your customers receive according to the status of their orders and transform them into marketing tools (links, upsells, re-ordering, coupons...)

Additional sales & suggestions

Make Skeat your best seller and considerably increase the average ticket thanks to the power of digital

Paid options

Encourage your customers to select paid extras on the products of your choice (extra syrup +1€, Redbull +4€...)

Smart associations

The possibility of transmitting the identity and values of your establishment through a personalized interface

Order again

Allow your customers to re-order their favorite product in 1 click and increase the number of purchases per customer. Another beer?

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Payment at the table

Allow your customers to pay their bills independently and free up time for your teams

Sharing the bill

Your customers can divide the bill equally or select the products they want to pay

Means of payment

Your customers can pay with Apple Pay in 1 click, but also by credit card or meal vouchers


Your customers can leave a tip when they pay their bill

Dematerialized receipt

Once the bill is settled, your customers can receive their invoice by email

And much more...
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Your teams will love to have a hand

Manage, monitor and enrich your customer journey from a powerful and intuitive web interface

Management of the service and the offer

In real time and adapted to multisite

Financial transaction management

Keep control of your financial flows safely

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Real-time content management

Create, modify and broadcast messages and other content in 1 click from your dashboard

Analytics & user data

Enrich your customer knowledge and increase your performance tenfold

You manage more than 10 establishments?

Discover Skeat ENTERPRISE, the white label solution for the most ambitious projects

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